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Marco Hearing Health Centre

80 Crescent St. | Sydney, NS | (902) 567-2929

About Us

Odilia MacDonald, M.Sc. Aud-Reg, Aud (C)
Sherri Bennett, M.Sc. Aud-Reg, Aud (C)
Lindsay Peters, M.Sc. Aud-Reg, Aud (C)

We take pride in our commitment to improving the hearing health of our community through friendly service and innovative solutions. We offer the knowledge and experience of 3 Audiologists and 3 Hearing Instrument Specialists. We are the only locally owned audiology clinic in CBRM and provide access to all of the most advanced hearing aid technology available. We are also one of the only clinics in the country with 3 Audiologists trained in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.

 In our relaxed atmosphere, the coffee and cookies are ready and our clinicians are always happy to assist their clients. Good hearing health is vital to a good quality of life!


(902) 567-2929
(902) 567-1166

9:00-5:00 Monday – Thursday, 9:00-4:30 Friday

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